#cjs20 day 5

Today’s artist was Tina Walker, with a fantastic project for #cjs20 – a miniature book. This was quite time consuming for a weekday evening, but I loved it and will use the process again. The poem is by New Zeland poet Diane Brown.

I made the paper for the book, constructed the book, added gesso then stencilled grey or pink to each page. I cut up the poem, inked the edges and adhered to the pages. Finally I added and decorated the cover.

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cjs day 2 – Tina Walker

Day 2, inspired by Tina Walker. The prompts I used were crayons, sprays, drawing, stencils and splattering. The photo is an old family one that wasn’t needed so I figured repurposing it was better than throwing it out! The page references our journey with Tony’s cousin Alison who has dementia. Some days she’s fairly coherent but other days her long-term memory is poor and her short-term memory almost non-existent.

day 2 tina w