A little art time

I have been off work for 3 weeks but have done very little art; I have been sleeping a lot as I heal. I’ve managed weeks 37 and 38 of #colourmepositive and the latest LisTEN for my unplanner. Dylusions paints, stencils, collage, Fude ball pen, gesso.


Some slow art

My wrist is still not good, so I am limiting my art time and takin it slowly. Here’s what I have done recently for #colourmepositive and in my DLP Unplanner. Paints, stencils, bits and pieces sent by friends.


Feeling fortunate

This page in my UnPlanner was inspired by a couple of conversations I had this week around my career and life in general. We live in a very ordinary house in a scruffy street in an ordinary town – and I love it. Tony and I have been together 24 years, married 21, and are as much in love as ever. We rely on each other and prefer each other’s company; we don’t need to be in the same room, we’re happy to just kind of orbit round each other. Our lives aren’t flash or full of adventure, but we know how fortunate we are.

pac 25 june

Starting my June DLP unplanner

This month we are “unravelling the past and embracing new beginnings”. I can’t think of a better theme as I work through the mental preparation videos ahead of my weight loss surgery. They want me to understand how genetics, metabolism, culture and environment, sleep, personal behaviour and psychological aspects have all contributed to me being at a point where surgery makes sense. The prep is thorough and quite challenging so it’s cool that my art ties into it, as that makes it less stressful for me.