Day 60 #100dayproject

This is similar to yesterdays and equally pleasing – just a little warmer and brighter because I wanted to see what would happen to the quinacridone violet if I added white. Reeves violet and Winsor Newton quinacridone violet, both mixed with Golden titanium white.

Day 59 #100dayproject

This makes me so happy – partly the colours and partly the way the contrast colour is broken at the edges, like rocks along the edge of a stream. It just pleases me so much! Reeves violet with Golden titanium white in the background, and Winsor Newton quinacridone violet for the swipe.

Playing in my art journals

A week or so back we brought all my art supplies into the house. I love having everything in the one room and, to my surprise, it has ramped up my desire to paint again.  I’m playing round with ideas in an old ledger book, and getting up early to paint.

I’ve also done a new 20×30″ canvas for our room. I wanted something with gold and red, so did a small test piece then the bigger canvas. Because the final canvas is much bigger the look isn’t quite the same, but I’m fine with that. It feels a bit like a scrap of mad Victorian wallpaper to me! My only disappointment is the canvas, a deep edge Winsor Newton, is warped so isn’t sitting flat to the wall on one side.

dream bigforsakengold leafnew painting