Hospital watch, and creating

Mum’s doing okay in hospital but will be there for a bit yet. They need to figure out why her heart rate is stuck down in the very low 40s. No wonder she feels awful. Mum has reminded them she is ‘not for resus‘ – good on her for knowing what she wants.

In the meantime, I have kept playing with wool and stuff -this time a fluffy, airy scarf.

Pulling the wool over my eyes ;-)

I bought some wool and mixed media kits a couple of years ago. For all kinds of reasons have never done anything with them. And now I have!

I made a waterfall wall hanging using wool, metallic thread, beads, muslin, soluble paper and other bits ‘n bobs. Like I said, this was a kit, so the idea is not my own, just the execution.

Now that I have tried the process of using soluble paper, I will certainly keep playing with it. I think it offers a lot of possibilities.

This is probably going to be someone’s Christmas present, but I am fairly sure they do not read my blog. Fingers crossed…

Spent a whole day doing ‘stuff’!!!!

Well, I got all my “real” work out of the way yesterday and spent today in the my art room.

Last weekend I went to SENZ in Hamilton and bought a kit to make a woven beaded bag – and have had the kits staring at me ever since. Once I found the time, it was easy to do and I love it 🙂

I also did a class with Nerida the “decoupage queen” – and made a fake Russian Icon – I love it even more than the bag. In fact, I loved it so much I got a friend to go back and buy dozens of Madonna images to make more icons. Anyone want one for a Christmas present? LOL

I’ve also been playing with my paints – thinking about the Northern Lights, and also abstracting the Patea townscape. All good fun…