At least I did something :-)

Okay, so it’s not exactly a major piece or work – but it was good to get the paints out and do something. Now I have blue/purple fingernails – so situation normal 🙂

Pity the scanner has added stripes across the top where there aren’t any LOL

Mum is in the hospital wing of a resthome for about 8 days – the hospital said she was too sick to come home but not sick enough to take up a bed when they’re jam packed already. So they recommended the hospital wing – and Mum likes it, so that’s good.

This week I’m off to Auckland for a 4 day course – so I’ll take a few art supplies and a journal with me and make the most of the long evenings. Hopefully that will kick-start some creative habits again. I’m finding the longer I don’t do any real art, the grumpier I get!!!

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