Mixed media playtime

Started with a collaged background, gesso through stencils, drippage, collaged gelli tissue paper, stencils direct onto the image, a bit of splatter. Brighter than my usual colours – must have been feeling extra happy! This might just be the sample for a new class I’m teaching 😉


Printing on tissue

I spent ages this morning printing on tissue paper so that I have a supply of papers ready for doing collage. When you stick it down with gel medium the tissue goes see through so you can layer images without the paper showing. Brilliant! All I needed was stencils, fluid acrylics, brayer, Gelli plate and tissue paper. Great fun.

image0-004 image0-003 image0-002 image0-001 image0


This is the last page, done this morning, in the journal I started when Tony went to Waikato Hospital on the 19th of January. Life is not normal in the sense of being the same as it was – seemingly simple things like a hot shower still exhaust Tony – but life is slowly settling into a new normal. We’re very fortunate and very grateful.


Time out – Gelli Plate play

Today Tony was super tired and went back to bed about 11.30 (healing after two major surgeries is hard work). I decided to get out my Gelli Plate, some Golden Fluid Acrylics, stencils, old lace and some texture plates. Oh, and a random pile of paper. Hours later, here’s just a few of the papers I now have tucked away for card making, collaging, art journaling and other fun stuff. And there’s a wee supply on it’s way to an arty/crafty friend!

image0-011 image0-010 image0-009 image0-008 image0-007 image0-006 image0-005 image0-004 image0-003 image0-002 image0-001

I kept an art journal

While Tony was in hospital last week I stayed at my best friend Sandra’s place. It meant I could take a few (non messy) art supplies with me. I was able to work in the journal when I wasn’t with Tony, which was good for my stress levels. Here’s a few of the pages I made, recording what was happening and how I was feeling.

image0-009 image0-008 image0-007 image0-006 image0-005