Day 39 #100dayproject

Too pale but interesting – Golden light Bismuth yellow and Daler Rowney emerald. This Golden paint is part of a series of light colours Golden bought out a couple of years ago and I love using them because they’re pale but not insipid and mix well with other colours. My favourite is Golden titan pale green, which I have on fluid, heavy body & Open formulations.

Day 24 #100dayproject

I love this colour combination! I started with Golden fluid acrylic Quinacridone nickel azo gold, then added Quinacridone magenta and Turquoise (phthalo) and let them mix in the middle. The result is a little more dense than this shows, but it does make a nice quite transparent dark.

Day 22 #100dayproject

This isn’t a great scan colour-wise – it’s actually more teal. The contrast is about right, but overall it’s a little more subtle. I used Golden Fluid acrylics in Teal and Benzimidazolone medium yellow applied through a StencilGirl stencil. The yellow is very transparent so there’s this subtle range of yellow greens that I really like.

Day 20 #100dayproject

The colour of the scan is wildly inaccurate but I can’t seem to fix it. I need to ring the scanner helpline (I’ve been promising myself I’ll sort it for weeks ow).

This is Golden fluid acrylics Quinacridone magenta and Teal – so much more green and purple tinged than this shows. It’s actually a lovely mix & worth remembering.

Two more days and the messed up numbering will come right!

Day 19 #100dayproject

This is Golden Fluid acrylics Benzimidazolone medium yellow and Quinacridone red. I love the Quinacridones but this is one of my least-used because it always feels a bit harsh somehow. I put it on with a dry brush through a StencilGirl stencil then dry-brushed round the edges.

The numbers are messed up but I’m away from home and can’t fix it until tomorrow. Oops!

Day 18 #100dayproject

The background of this is Quinacridone magenta and the swipe is Quinacridone nickel azo gold on one side and Turquoise (phthalo) on the other, allowed to mix in the middle. They make a nice, rich dark which has more life to it than black.

The numbering is messed up but I’m away from home and can’t fix it yet.