Rant about a rooster!

We live in town; we expect traffic noise, people noise, town noise. We don’t expect ROOSTER noise, especially at 5 in the morning.

Let me set the scene – our property backs onto high school playing fields, behind the fields is empty land that slopes down to the river. We are right on the edge of town; 2 minutes walk from the river, 5 minutes walk from the sea.

Some inconsiderate person has dumped two bantam roosters in the empty land behind the high school. No doubt unwanted pets; now they cruise the high school, and the houses that back onto the school, looking for food. They’re quite bold and go right up to people’s back doors.

And they CROW. I think they are young, because one has a crow that resembles a young man’s voice breaking. It would be funny if it wasn’t so irritating. Because let’s be clear what we’re talking about here:

They CROW and they CROW and they CROW. They start at about 5am and they CROW all day, till late in the evening. And this has been going on for weeks.

Why the sudden rant? Animal Control Services have been trying to catch them for a couple of weeks now, so they are wasting a lot of time and ratepayers money.

And it’s the silly season. My husband is an Ambulance Officer and, aside from working 5 days a week, from now till about the 7th of January he does every single shift outside his paid ones as a volunteer so that our community stays safe. Two nights in a row he has got back from a job after midnight, and two mornings in a row we have been woken at dawn by the CROWING. Are you beginning to spot the problem?

Why can’t people be more responsible with unwanted pets? Please, if you give a pet for Christmas, make sure it is truly wanted and will be looked after well. And if you get a pet for Christmas and you don’t want it or can’t keep it, be responsible about what happens to it.

Anyone want a bantam? Cute and going very cheep cheap!

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