Crusade No. 41 – Grid Lock

Most months I try to do Michelle Ward’s Crusade over at the GPP Street Team site. Crusade 41 is entitled Grid Lock – Michelle’s tips include a very cool way of marking out a grid on paper or in your journal. I decided to use this Crusade for a practical purpose. I have started dong a scrapbook of our recent trip to Dubai and Italy; I decided the album would be black and white cardstock only, with a little black and white patterned paper here and there. My favorite scrapbook shop sent me some lovely supplies but I hate cutting into “good” paper – silly I know. So, I have cut a sample of each piece of patterned paper and stuck it in the grids in my visual diary. Now the sheets are not “good” any more and I’ll get on and use them.

If you haven’t been to Michelle’s sites before, why not pop across and have a look? And if you lurk but don’t join in, why not grab some supplies and have a try. Then have a look at all the other entries this month, they’re sure to inspire you. Don’t forget to leave a comment everywhere you visit, you’re sure to make their day 🙂

12 thoughts on “Crusade No. 41 – Grid Lock

  1. Cath – wonderful page! Love the patterns but I’m really drawn in by the images with that little bit of turquoise coming through on each. Bravo for saving a little bit of the papers for yourself so you can use up the remains for something else! I’m so behind – need to scroll back through your posts and find out about your trip to these amazing places! How cool! Thanks for sharing with the team!!


  2. I just know about the new paper, new anything – paper, fabric, page ….. Sometimes I think screwing it up first might help. Love the grids.


  3. Really lovely grid and I so know what you mean about starting a sheet of paper that you love a lot. Hope you have fun doing the rest of the scrapbook.


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