Still taking it slow

In the last 8 days or so I have sliced open my thumb on the bread knife, had a “quick replacement” filling in a back tooth that took an hour of deep drilling and cost $400, and last night ended up at Accident & Emergency with a very painful hand. Turns out I have a badly inflamed tendon that runs from the forearm to the thumb. Why is it inflamed? The doctor and I have no idea! But it’s hot, painful and swollen. So how much art have I been doing? Zip, zero, nada. 

I have high hopes that, if things really do come in threes, this week will be injury free so normal services can resume. I have the urge to paint, but not the capacity…

3 thoughts on “Still taking it slow

  1. UH-OH! Tendonitis!
    That is so painfull!
    A few years ago I awoke in the middle of the night with pain so severe I couldn’t imagine. I got up
    of course, turned on the light and my left hand was so swollen it looked like I was wearing a catcher’s mitt.
    Doctor results: No apparant reason. One costisone injection, alternating heat and ice, ibuprofen, and rest.
    Within a couple of days it was much better, and in a week completely gone.
    I surely do hope this is the complete ending of your triple hit!
    You have art to make!
    Feel real better, real soon!


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