Visiting time

Oprah used  to talk about things she knew for sure. What I know for sure is that some years are easier than others, and few things stay the same forever. This is not turning out to be an easy year but, you know what, no one ever promised things would be easy…

Tonight I visited Mum and she was having a good night. We chatted for about half an hour and she was quite connected. It was a nice visit. Some days I really don’t feel much like going up but I  know how important it is to keep our connection going.

Is Mum the bright intellectual person she once was? No. Is she still my mother? Yes? In the end it’s family that matters.

One thought on “Visiting time

  1. Cath, I really understand, I know exactly how you feel. My dear Mum is in a similar situation. It’s hard, but inside they are still the lovely people they were.

    Thinking of you both

    M x


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