Playing with fabric

My friend Trisha and I have got a private blog going where we are challenging each other to do some textile work right through 2009. (Trisha was one of my mentors when I did Stage 3 at TLC last year)

I decided my challenge is to take a photo of Patea Beach each month and then interpret it in fabric, stitch, paint etc. Trisha came up with quite a different challenge to mine for 2009 and it’s fun  to watch it unfolding. This is my ‘almost finished’ first attempt.


5 thoughts on “Playing with fabric

  1. This is really cool Cath. Will you turn them into quilts or a fabric journal? I can’t really tell how big it is from the pic, but it looks a bit chilly there!


  2. I like this a lot… I have never ‘painted/drawn’ with a sewing machine but saw some beautiful life drawings done on a sewing machine. I am curious where you’ll be taking it…


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