No art this week

Well, not in the sense of making art anyway. I have read art books, played around rearranging my art room, and thought about art … but not created a new something. Mum has been very sick (pneumonia that turned rampant within a couple of hours) and that means other things move down the priority ladder. She had a night in Intensive Care, then 6 more nights in the Base Hospital – a 3 hour round trip away. She’s now in the local Hospital, so only a 50 minute round trip. I go up  after work each day and help with her evening meal, fill in the menu choices for the next day, make sure she does her breathing exercises. And we go for a walk – Mum on her walker, me trundling slowly along beside her. Each day our walk gets a little longer and she gets a few steps closer to coming home again.

One thing’s for sure – being there matters, in a myriad of ways. So the art can wait – love comes first.

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