Painting poppies for an exhibition

Next month Thornton Gallery in Hamilton will hold it’s annual OSFA (One Size Fits All) show. I’m entering two works, both 10×10″ which is *the* size, based on the poppies from Italy. The longer I work on these the more abstract the poppies become, which is what I would expect to happen over time. As I get more and more familiar with the shapes and colours, as they sink deeper into my brain, what my hand produces is less and less photographic. It’s a process I love. I’m really enjoying creating these, with their splashy splattery backgrounds and their streaks of red. Perfect for doing on a cold winter’s day. Here’s the latest, titled “Remembering poppies – Florence”.

Remembering poppies - Florence. c Cath Sheard 2011

6 thoughts on “Painting poppies for an exhibition

  1. I love it when a painting sits between ‘real’ and ‘abstract’. It gives the viewer the possibility to decide what the painting is about and what meaning it holds. This way, the viewer has room to make the painting more personal to her/him.
    Hope you know what I mean πŸ™‚


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