No longer on Facebook – revised!

I’ve used Facebook for a long time now, but have become increasingly concerned at the constant “enhancements” that encroach on my privacy yet are poorly explained. The anxious feeling has been growing for a while now. I resent the time it takes to figure out what they have done, what it really means, and then ensure my information stays safe – despite the fact that I have always been careful bout what I put on there. I have deactivated my account and am going to go back to using my blog as my primary means of chatting with friends, as well as sharing my art. What does this mean? There will be more posts here, and a little more that’s not strictly art related.

Edited 3 hours later – back on FB as can’t do some work tasks without it, as not able to split them out due to way I set things up. Will be doing some re-arranging instead…

3 thoughts on “No longer on Facebook – revised!

  1. I am glad I happened to look at your blog today because I haven’t used Facebook or my blog as much while I am writing a book and publishing a few copies of family matters on my HP printer. Then I sew bags to hold the books.


  2. I had to chuckle at this one! Although I don’t care that much at this point about the privacy issues on FB I do find myself becoming irritated at the continual changes! I have also changed from blogger to wordpress and back again. Now I’ll stay put. I enjoy FB because it allows me to keep in touch with so many people – all in one place !


  3. Have you tried the new Google+? Rumour has it that it will be safer than FB and that it will take over. I’m happy to send an invitation if you would like one. Still feeling my way around.


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