As 2016 ends

As 2016 draws to a close, it’s time to think back on the year that was. As is often the case for Tony and I, it’s been a mixed bag. He had surgery at the beginning of the year, and is likely to have surgery early in 2017, and I had surgery in September then got very sick. He and Ailsa nursed me, which I am grateful for. It took ages for the fence to be repaired after a drunk driver crashed into it, and the roof leaked again!

On the plus side though, we have our own home, I have a job I love, we have a few wonderful friends and two pets we love dearly. I’m grateful we live in New Zealand where we can feel safe, despite being worried about what is happening in the world. I’ve lost over 35kg so far and am finally starting to feel well again. More importantly, after 24 years together, we remain as much in love as ever and are each other’s biggest supporters.

Here’s to 2017; I’m looking forward to a year of loving work, loving Tony and loving our life.

new years eve 2017

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