Another Mt Egmont painting sold

It seems that Mt Egmont / Taranaki is very popular at the moment, which is fine with me as I enjoy painting it. This one has been sold locally; the new owner tells me it is propped up in their bedroom at the moment so she can sit in bed and look at it in the mornings. What lovely feedback! It’s done with water soluble oils on board and was approx 12×14″. It’s a photo I took with my old camera, so the colours are not accurate, but at least I do have some record of it. 

Mt Egmont in June

Mt Egmont in June

2 thoughts on “Another Mt Egmont painting sold

  1. Beautiful painting – Mt Egmont is one of my favourites too. Congratulations on the sale. It looks to me as if you have already fulfilled your first goal for 2009 with this gorgeous series of mountain paintings.


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