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A little card making

I am still pacing myself to look after my wrist, but have start making a few cards again. These started with a gelli print base using rose, purple, lemon and white, then adding words with a Carolyn Dube word stencil from Stencil Girl, layered hearts and detailing with a fine pen.

card 1 card 2

Testing the waters

I have been doing a little bit of crafting, just testing the waters to see how my wrist copes. In one word: badly! I can’t do much at a time and have to really pace myself but I am grateful to be able to do anything. I have been working in a circle journal using my Gelli Plate, Golden Hi Flow Fluros, Dyan Reaveley stamps (Ranger) and Glossy Accents.

journal 1 journal 2

Injury break

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Two years ago I had a car accident due to a drunk driver and damaged my shoulder. This led to de Quervain’s Tenosynovitis, a painful inflammation of the tendon that runs from thumb to shoulder. Aka texter’s thumb! They threatened to put my wrist in plaster 18 months ago but we got it under control.

My husband has some serious health issues and, while he was out of town for two days seeing the surgeon and discussing some very, very scary options, I crafted endlessly because it’s my stress relief. Overuse of scissors = major flare-up. I am doing no art, craft, letter writing or blogging for a while to let it heal. See you all in a week or three…


Index cards and good words

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Recently I spoke at the Ikaroa Hui – it’s a library thing. I made a bunch of Gelli-plate index cards with key words on them, then promptly forgot to share the Power Point I had made of them. Doh! So here are a few of them; some are words from ‘Instructions for a bad day’ by Shane Koyczan. BTW I got into index cards thanks to the wonderful Roo (Ruth Cahill) – thanks Ruth!

Winter Workshops mixed media class

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This afternoon I taught a mixed media class as part of this year’s Winter Workshops run by South Taranaki District Council. Six people joined me at the Old Folks Hall for 3 hours of messy fun. Here’s some progress shots, a close up or two, and some final works. We had a blast and everyone was really creative and into the process.

Making things happen

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Cath Sheard:

Love this post about just doing it.

Originally posted on Ideas come from everything:

Two years ago I was thinking about all the reasons I couldn’t do a PhD–age, family responsibilities, financial responsibilities…Today, I’m doing it, and doing it with vigour. So what changed? I commented in an online community that I am on that it seemed like it might not be worthwhile, because of the career track issues, and someone who I can never thank enough said “if you can make it work, you might as well do it. In five years you will be five years older anyway”. She was so right, and it was a life-changing moment for me.

My favourite quote on how to make things happen, though, comes from my favourite band. They’re singing about getting off the treadmill that is the rat race, but the same thought can be applied to any dream you’re chasing:

All it takes is one decision, a lot of guts, a little vision…

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A journal page a day…

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An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but a journal page a day keeps the blues away. Over the last few days I have completed a couple of layouts, and have been making some pretty papera ready for borrowing a friend’s envelope maker. I’ve been using my Gelli Plate, stencils, Distress Paints, rubbers stamps etc to make the papers. It’s been a lovely inky weekend…

unicorn 2 unicorn 1 gellli 2 gelli 1 live passionately


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