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More classes coming up

Following the fun we had at the weekend with our Gelli Plates and some more mixed media canvases, I have decided to offer some classes right through to the end of November. See the posters below for details.

Gelli Print madness class art journalling class


Another fun art class

I ran another art class today; three people did the mixed media canvas and two had their own Gelli Plate party. It was awesome; everyone produced fantastic art, and it sounds like we’re going to start an art journaling class. Below are the three canvases Michelle, Eileen and Fiona made. They got right into it and were brave and adventurous with their choices, which meant the class great fun.  If you’re interested in doing a class, watch out on FaceBook or keep an eye on the Classes page here on the blog.

Fiona eileen Michelle

Saying it

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Some days the best place to say things is in my art journal, so today was another ink, stencil, Gelli printed tissue kind of day. I have things on my mind…

some days journal page always journal page

Unwinding with art time

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Last week I was in Napier at the Director’s of Small Museum’s one day meeting, then three days at the MA14Napier museum conference. Great stuff; lots of new contacts, lots of learning, lots to think about. So this morning I caught up on a few tasks and this afternoon decided I needed to unwind a bit. Out with some art journals, StencilGirl stencils, inks etc. Four hours later, I am feeling restored. And yes, I was having a purple day – thank you for asking!

abundance journal page i used to believe journal page play journal page

Card making with gelli print scraps

I’ve been making a few cards lately, because I am having a spell of letter writing. I am more likely to write letters when I am stressed and, although I am not stressed at the moment, I do have a lot on my mind. Incidentally, few things stress me – if I am stressed it usually means someone near to me is sick. My most recent cards have included layers of gelli print scraps, white gel pen, glitter glue, and texture compound through stencils.

image0-001 image0

We bloomed!

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This afternoon I held a mixed media class, Layered Steps: Bloom. Liz, Mollie, Sharon, Shei, Maria and Denise were awesome. They each did such a great job with their canvas and what I love is that, following the same process, each one ended up with something unique to them. We had such a good time that there’s definitely going to be more classes coming. Here are some pictures of the process, and a line up of the artists with their finished works.

image0 layers 1 layers 2 layers 3 layers 4 layers 5 layers 6 layers 7 layers 8 layers 10 layers 11 layers 12 layers 13


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I’ve had a good week, with a bit of time here and there to play with my art supplies. Here’s one finished piece, using collage, Gelli Plate prints, stencils, fluid acrylics, gesso etc.  This is the same process I am teaching next weekend – the class has sold out so there’ll be more classes to come.



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